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Christie K. Moore


My commitment to transparency.


Did I tell the truth on application to be placed on the ballot for Place 5? See copy of application.


Answer: Yes.

Question: Are you aware of any fact findings by  the City of Mansfield regarding your application?

Answer: Yes, I received a copy sometime in March 2021.

Question: Based on the MEMO are you legally eligible to be on the ballot for Mansfield City Council? Yes. See Copy of Memo Dated February 15, 2021   

Question: Did you address this publicly before Mansfield City Council in a open meeting? 

Answer: Yes, March 22, 2021 during the monthly regular  Mansfield City Council meeting. See recording of Christie K. Moore speaking (uploaded on April 16)

Question: Did opponent Julie Short file a lawsuit against you and the City of Mansfield, City Secretary?


Answer: Yes, I received the lawsuit on April 16, 2021.


Question: What's your opinion of the lawsuit?

Answer: I believe it's an attempt to intimidate me and subvert the vote. All of  the allegations are without merit and baseless. I have a great legal team that share this opinion as well.  This baseless  lawsuit was address by the City of Mansfield in the February 15, 2021 Memo.




Copy of the Lawsuit file by Julie Short.


Question: Will this lawsuit stop you from being on the ballot and running for Mansfield City Council Place 5?

Answer: No. I plan to win and it just makes me become more focused on serving the citizens of Mansfield, Texas Place 5. City Council.   

Question: Did Julie Short ask the court to grant a (TRO) Temporary Restraining Order against The City of Mansfield, City Secretary  and Christie K. Moore on April 23, 2021  at 10:30am?

Answer: Yes. The first Judge recuse himself from the case because he knew Julie Short. But that did not stop them that same day they requested second hearing from a new Judge assigned to the case the hearing was held at 4:30 pm  in court 18th District Court of Johnson County, Texas. The request for (TRO) was not GRANTED. 

Question: Did your attorney file motion to dismiss this case on April 29,2021.

Answer: Yes. See Copy of the motion 


Question: Do you believe Julie Short is misleading Mansfield voters by suggesting your campaign is funded by someone other then you with her Facebook post? Answer: Yes. I believe her post divides the community and is as baseless as her lawsuit. See attachment of my campaign report which is public. I believe she has knowledge of my campaign report which  shows donation from friend and family and money I have loan my campaign from my saving. No contribution from any PAC or Political Party. 

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 Link to Christie K. Moore Campaign Report.